Chris Baca - Converting consumers to specialty coffee

Chris Baca - Converting consumers to specialty coffee

We loved this podcast so much, have to share it with you! Tips, tactics and strategies that small businesses can use to capture the market, as seen through the eyes of a coffee roaster. Click Here to listen - This is Chris Baca's presentation from SCAA 2017

Probably the best coffee podcast in the world

Minnie Masters - LEAP Academy Project

Minnie Masters - LEAP Academy Project

Hi, I’m Minnie Masters and I'm currently in year 10 in the LEAP Academy at Hastings Secondary College.

The basis behind LEAP involves choosing an interest of my choice each term & I get the opportunity to learn, research and experiment the topic of interest that I've chosen. At the end of each term I get to present my exhibition to Mr Rogers and Miss Leach (our LEAP teachers) and to whomever else I choose to invite. Each student of LEAP gets to present their project in whatever format they desire. We also include English, Maths, Science & History aspects in the...


'Barista Training'- Anyone can make espresso coffee.

'Barista Training'- Anyone can make espresso coffee.

Would you like to be a barista?

Are you wanting to expand your coffee knowledge?

Wanting to travel? Pack a great attitude and some cafe experience, you will never be without a job!

It's simple- We are here to help!

Our 'Introduction to Espresso Coffee' is a workshop designed to give you the hands on training which creates a great foundation for anyone wanting to enter the Cafe or Hospitality Industry.

Workshop Outcomes-

  • Basic understanding your espresso machine and grinder
  • What impacts on coffee flavour and extraction and consistency
  • Milk stretching, texturing and a introduction to latte art
  • The coffee...

Tips for Baristas

Just a few things we've learned along the journey...